Our offerings for the 2021 season

Pastured Pork

We raise heritage breed hogs on pasture, supplemented with GMO-free feed from a local supplier, whey, and lots of fruits and veggie scraps. With the fresh air, fresh pasture, and fresh produce, our pigs lead healthy lives and are a true delight to raise. They also serve an important role in our multi-species pasture restoration and management system. These pastured heritage breed pigs are consistently some of the most delicious and high-quality meat available.



Pork is available by the whole or half and will be ready early to mid-October (depending on if you want some items smoked).  $5.50/lb hanging weight and they are generally 80-100lbs/half pig. . There's also a cut and wrap fee which will be paid directly to the butcher and that is ~$0.65-0.85/lb. We request a $100 deposit per half pig. 

Grass Fed Lamb

Our lambs are raised on pasture their whole lives. We raise Icelandic sheep as well as dairy breeds and the meat is lean with an exceptionally mild flavor.  We appreciate our sheep for their meat, wool, and milk, as well as their work controlling invasive species and mowing our fields. Our intensive grazing system gives our sheep new pasture about every 3 days. They eat a varied diet as they move through our pasture, forest edges, blackberry brambles, and orchard. 



Lamb is available the second week in November by the whole or half. $10 per pound, plus the cut and wrap fee paid to the butcher. Our lambs typically weigh in between 35-60 pounds, but average is about 45 pounds. A half lamb will easily fit in a typical freezer compartment of a refrigerator. $50 deposit for a half, $100 deposit for a whole. 

SOLD OUT: Pastured Chicken

Pasture-raised chicken is the most delicious, juicy, and nourishing chicken you can eat. We pasture our chickens in tractors (mobile chicken shelters) to keep them safe from predators and provide shelter from the intense summer sun. During the day, they have day-range space outside the tractors where they forage for bugs and grasses and they get a steady diet of organic feed. 


Chicken will be available for on-farm pickup in Littlerock, WA at specified dates during the summer (dates TBD).  Chicken is $5-$7/lb, sliding scale, with a minimum order of 6 chickens.

Sold out for the 2020-2021 season!  With a weekly delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables, you and yours will eat delicious foods all year long. 20 weeks of a variety of vegetables and eggs, June through October. 12 weeks of flowers, plus fun things like grain corn, dry beans, and medicinal herbs. 


Some of the fruits and vegetables you can expect are many varieties of lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages, so many types of greens, squash, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, strawberries, blueberries, apples, and pears. We also put in the work to grow some of the things we love that you might not expect from a PNW farm: sweet potatoes, okra, ginger, and turmeric. 


Join the CSA for 20 weeks of vegetables and eggs, June through October and 12 weeks of flowers, plus fun things like grain corn, dry beans, and medicinal herbs. Available on a sliding scale $400-$1200 or more if you can. Delivery to Olympia and Seattle areas. No cost shares available for BIPOC families, made possible through our sliding scale.